The Approach Control Services Section of the Air Traffic Services Division, the National Civil Aviation Center of Mongolia provides approach control to “Chinggis Khaan” and “Buyant-Ukhaa” international airports. It covers an altitude range from the sea level to an altitude of around 6150 meters (approximately 20,177 feet) within a radius of 100 kilometers from the coastline. The Approach Control Services Section is responsible for the supervision and assistance of  air traffic within this designated area.

 When conducting air operations in controlled airspace, it is essential to maintain safe and efficient air traffic control, ensuring that aircraft operate without endangering themselves or others. This requires the exchange of critical information, guidance, and assistance between air traffic control units, coordination of air traffic flow, and timely response to emergency situations. All of these tasks are carried out to ensure the safety, orderliness, and effectiveness of air operations within controlled airspace by Approach controllers.

 The requirements, regulations, and information related to flying in the airspace controlled by the National Civil Aviation Center of Mongolia, as well as the routes and services provided by air traffic control services, can be found here by referring to detailed information obtained from the Aeronautical Information Publication. 

 Mr. Davaadorj Sambuudorj (Supervisor) has been appointed as the Head of the Approach Control Services Section within the Air Traffic Services Division of the National Civil Aviation Center of Mongolia. /Office telephone +(976)71-281710/

Please contact the on shift Senior Approach controllers of the Air Traffic Control Services Section of the Air Traffic Services Division at +(976)71-281176+(976)71-281179.

 As a Pilot or Stakeholder, you can report Air navigation services’ Safety Issues or Occurrences, Incidents & Accidents to Mongolian Air Traffic Services Division’s Safety Management Section by following address:

  1. Mail address:;
  2. Telephone: +(976) 71-281174; +(976) 71-281619.

 We would be delighted to collaborate with you to ensure the confirmation of aviation safety.