The Search, Rescue & Coordination Service Section of the Air Traffic Services Division, the National Civil Aviation Center of Mongolia utilize Mongolia’s airspace to conduct search and rescue operations for aircraft in distress or emergencies, as well as to assist passengers and crew members affected by such situations. This section is essential for providing the necessary information and data to support search and rescue efforts and the operations of aviation organizations, including both governmental and non-governmental entities involved in aviation-related emergency activities.

This section operates with the goal of being fully prepared for search and rescue, assistance, and information dissemination operations on a daily basis, addressing international and domestic aviation incidents. To achieve this objective, they utilize the international emergency radio frequencies of 121.5 MHz and 5680 kHz for shortwave radio communication. They continuously monitor these frequencies to receive distress signals from aircraft, record incidents, and establish connections with relevant organizations and individuals to provide accurate and timely information, assistance, and coordination in response to emergencies.

 Mr. Munkh-Erdene Dulamjav has been appointed as the Head of the Search, Rescue & Coordination Services Section within the Air Traffic Services Division of the National Civil Aviation Center of Mongolia. /Office telephone +(976)71-281154/

Please contact the on shift Coordinator of the Air Traffic Services Division at +(976)71-281622+(976)71-281691.

 As a Pilot or Stakeholder, you can report Air navigation services’ Safety Issues or Occurrences, Incidents & Accidents to Mongolian Air Traffic Services Division’s Safety Management Section by following address:

  1. Mail address:;
  2. Telephone: +(976) 71-281174; +(976) 71-281619.

 We would be delighted to collaborate with you to ensure the confirmation of aviation safety.