Organizational structure


The unit is responsible for all administration services and implementing of manpower policy of the Division. Functions:

  • Daily administrative duties, such as drafting orders and their implementation, implementing tasks from governing bodies and providing necessary information for employees
  • To develop annual action plan and other related plans of the division, make performance of them and get the management team updated with latest information.
  • To develop and execute human resource related researches and make reports.
  • Medical checkups and researches.
  • To offer air traffic controllers and the rest of employees regular medical care.
  • To execute legislation of occupational health and safety and organize OHS instructions and trainings.
  • Maintenance and security of the Division’s buildings and office rooms.



   The main purpose of Procedure and Documentation section of ATSD is to develop procedural documents in accordance with Mongolian laws, rules and regulations and ICAO standards, to ensure orderly and steady operation, as well as efficient organization of Air traffic services.

   The Section develops all the legal acts, rules, regulations, instructions and handbooks, within the framework of international agreements and conventions, relevant civil aviation laws and regulations, and has them certified, which has to be complied by all air traffic controllers providing air traffic service within Mongolian airspace. Procedure and Documentation section is a significant section of ASTD due to its’ responsibility of connecting ATS operations with the ATS rules and regulations.


   The Safety & Quality section is a unit that is responsible for the implementation of safety checks on the part of the facility in accordance with the MCAR172 and the avoidance of safety risks, including the identification and mitigation of hazards, minimizing safety risk.

   This section provides for the implementation of the Civil Aviation Regulations, the implementation of safety management systems, and the conduct of safety inspections and oversights.

   ATSD is one of the six organizations with a Standard for Implementation of the Safety Management System Annex19 of ICAO. Therefore, Implementing Safety Assessment has been conducted for the implementation of Safety risk management.

The section is in charge of implementing quality assurance in the division to prevent defects in Air traffic service as controlling and evaluating quality, providing advice and guidance on detected nonconformities and to take corrective actions throughout the organization under the standard requirements of certification MCAR-172 for air traffic service and MNS ISO 9001:2010.

  • To implement Quality management system within Air traffic service division for being prepared with requirements of the system
  • To plan and perform internal audits
  • To monitor the quality of air traffic service and its products
  • To detect nonconformities, take corrective actions and prevent any defects and risks
  • To monitor radio communication
  • To ensure training quality of air traffic and flight information service and collect training data for research
  • To implement effective works to provide excellent air traffic service for air carriers.


   The aviation search and rescue service in Mongolia is organized in accordance with Standards and Recommended Practices of ICAO Annex 12 and is provided by the (Ulaanbaatar`s) Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre which is a unit of the Air Traffic Services Division of the Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia. Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre for 24 hours a day all year round.
Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre is responsible for supporting and providing with information to those personnels, organizations, units who are organizing and conducting of search and rescue operation.
The daily operations of RCC are duty managed. Develop plans. Agreements and another documents pertinent to SAR operations. Relay distress alerts if necessary. Acknowledge alerts if necessary. Coordinate response. Plan searches.
Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Center has been designated SAR point of contact (SPOC) COSPAS-SARSAT system.
Search and rescue service for the aircraft in danger or emergency shall be arranged by the Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia in cooperation with the the aircraft operator and National Emergency Management Agency.


   Area Control Section is responsible for providing air traffic control services to aircraft operating flights above 6150 meters and below 14600 meters within the Airspace Classification A.
Area radar control services is provided from the control sectors “Center”, “Muren”, “Gobi” and “Dornod” whilst an “Altai” control sector provides area procedural control services.
Depending on the amount of traffic in the responsibility area, the “Center” and “Muren” sectors; or “Gobi” and “Dornod” sectors are integrated for concerned period within 10.00-19.00UTC.
Vertical Separation:
– 300 meters below 8400 meters
– 500 meters between 8400 meters and 8900 meters
– 300 meters between 8900 meters and 12500 meters
– 600 meters above 12500 meters
Horizontal Separation:
Aircraft are to be separated as the following in case of being provided by area radar control services:
Longitudinal separation:
– Same direction: 30 kilometers
– Intersecting direction: 40 kilometers
Lateral separation:
– Same direction: 10 kilometers
– Opposite direction: 10 kilometers /longitudinal separation 30 km is also to be applied/
In case an aircraft is provided with Area Procedural Control Services, 10 minutes of longitudinal separation must be applied to flights at the same direction.


   Approach Control Section is responsible for providing approach radar control services to all international and domestic flights departing from and arriving to Chinggis Khaan International Airport within the approach control zone which ranges vertically up to 6150 meters above mean sea level and horizontally within a radius of 100 kilometers.

   Our function is to prevent collision between aircraft moving in the air, to provide aircrew of information and advices necessary for ensuring safe, efficient and orderly flow of air traffic, to notify relevant entities of aircraft in need of search and rescue operations and to provide them of required information and assistance.


   Аэродромын нислэгийн хөдөлгөөний удирдлагын хэсгийн аэродромын хариуцлагын бүс нь олон улсын стандарт шаардлагыг хангасан, агаарын тээвэрлэгчдйин хэрэгцээ шаардлагад нийцсэн нислэгийн хөдөлгөөний удирдлагын болон нислэгийн мэдээллийн үйлчилгээг чанарын өндөр түвшинд үзүүлэх үндсэн зорилготой хэсэг юм.

   Агаарт болон аэродромын маневрлах талбайд шилжих хөдөлгөөн хийж байгаа агаарын хөлгүүдийг өөр хоорондөө мөргөлдөхөөс урьдчилан сэргийлэх, аэродромын маневрлах талбайд агаарын хөлгийг гадаргуу дахь бусад хөдөлгөөн болон саадуудтай мөргөлдөхөөс урьдчилан сэргийлэх, агаарын хөлгийг шаардлагатай мэдээлэл, зөвлөмжөөр хангах үйл ажиллагааг хариуцан гүйцэтгэдэг.

   Тус хэсэг нь Цамхагийн нислэгийн хөдөлгөөний удирдлагын байрнаас аэродромын удирдлагын, газрын хөдөлгөөний зохицуулалтын, нислэгийн мэдээллийн, түгшүүрийн мэдээллийн, “Чингис хаан” олон улсын нисэх буудалд АТIS мэдээллийн үйлчилгээг тус тус үзүүлэн ажиллаж байна.


    The Domestic Air Traffic Services Section that operates from main office of “Tuul” and “Artsat” sectors and domestic airports, is responsible for providing aircrafts in the G-Airspace up to 6150m above the ground level, with flight information, emergency and other required information at the frequency of “Artsat” 5715Khz and “Tuul” 5505Khz.

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